Yes, I will run the marathon anyway, but please still donate to this worthy cause!

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Yes, I will run the marathon anyway, but please still donate to this worthy cause!

Mental Health issues affect a huge number of people today, from all walks of life. It's often a hidden problem - either the people with problems exclude themselves or are excluded from the circles that you move in, or perhaps someone that you know has problems that they hide away and find difficult to find help for.

People who I have known in my life have been in this situation and tragically several people are no longer with us today as a result. This collection is partly in tribute to those people - Briney, Jay, & Adrian. And the father-in-law that I never met, Svante.

Please give generously to support a charity that provides help for people who need it and a voice at the end of the line when times are hard.

(p.s. for friends in the UK, there's no extra charges for using a UK debit/credit card, other than for a 'regular' foreign transaction.)

(And finally, as for giving me some extra motivation to complete the marathon? Yep, it will do that too. It doesn't matter how fast you run the marathon, the last few miles are always going to be tough, and knowing that people have donated their money to this good cause will help me along the way!)
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  • Lovisa Sandberg Lovisa Sandberg
    I want to say thank you to all donors. Your donations help us save lives in our Suicide Hotline (among other things). That's truly something special!

    We wouldn't be doing, what we're doing without you.

    Thank You!
    Lovisa, Mind

  • Lovisa Sandberg Lovisa Sandberg
    Hi Deri!

    A huge thank you from us at Mind! You have to tell us how the Marathon went :) We look forward to hear from you soon, we're very excited about us working together!

    Best wishes
    Lovisa, Mind
  • Diane  Neville-Beck Diane Neville-Beck donerat 750 kr

  • Sam Davis Sam Davis donerat 200 kr

    Good luck Dez!

  • Jesse Griffiths Jesse Griffiths donerat 500 kr

    Gan on my son

  • Christer Schapiro Christer Schapiro donerat 500 kr

    Bättre sent än aldrig.

  • Sam MacGibbon Sam MacGibbon donerat 100 kr

    Go Dez! Looking forward to catching up soon!

  • Jenny (&Hugh) McCarthy Jenny (&Hugh) McCarthy donerat 300 kr

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare donerat 300 kr

  • Claes R Claes R donerat 300 kr

    Great initiative Deri! .. And good luck on the race :)

  • Matt Ford Matt Ford donerat 100 kr

    I'll always support a great cause, all the best in your efforts.

  • Elizabeth Simons Elizabeth Simons donerat 300 kr

    Good luck, Der!

  • Deri Thomas Deri Thomas
    Thanks Ashkan, JC and Sabbo! Nearly halfway there now!
  • Ben Sabberton Ben Sabberton donerat 200 kr

    Nice one mate, hope all is good.

  • Ashkan Fivrin Ashkan Fivrin donerat 50 kr

    Go Deri, go...

  • John Cropper John Cropper donerat 500 kr

    Well done Dez. Sub 2 hours though, yeh?

  • Deri Thomas Deri Thomas
    Thanks for your support - Peter, Linn, Colm, Runar and Diane!
  • Peter Gardell Peter Gardell donerat 200 kr

  • Colm OCallaghan Colm OCallaghan donerat 300 kr

  • Runar Sæther Runar Sæther donerat 300 kr

  • Diane  Cameron Diane Cameron donerat 120 kr

    Mental health is so important. I know people including myself who have struggled with it at some point in their lives. Good luck in the marathon Deri!

  • Linn Jansson Linn Jansson donerat 300 kr

  • Deri Thomas Deri Thomas donerat 500 kr